Seamark School and Educational Program


Achieving Excellence

For many of the children at Seamark Ranch, education was not a priority before they arrived. The teaching team at Seamark works diligently to create a positive learning environment where all students can excel at learning. Seamark strategically works at helping our children to not only take ownership of their learning but to become empowered by their education. Seamark’s education program is geared to address each child’s strengths and weaknesses. Through using a child’s individual strengths and preferred learning styles we can change their weaknesses into strengths.

Our students experience academic success through project-based learning projects that match interest with needed skills. These projects empower our students more so than the in public school setting. Here, students take their interests and develop a project to study in greater depth. In doing so, they not only meet but exceed the expected skills for their grade level.

We utilize not only our on-campus school but the entire 468 acre campus to allow students the opportunity to apply their academic learning and extensive life skills. By working and learning together on real life, hands-on projects our students see education as a priority. At Seamark Ranch learning comes alive!

Currently, our on-campus school is capable of educating 22 students – both residential and community day students. We currently have students ranging from Elementary, Middle School and High School levels. Our goal is to build and staff a dedicated K-12 school building and integrate even more essential life skills on our Ranch campus.

Why Choose Us

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School Mission:
We believe every child can learn and God has entrusted each one of us with gifts and abilities for His glory. We believe education is a multi-faceted process. While it is important to provide a foundation of academic excellence based upon God’s Word that leads to a Biblical world view, it is just as important to develop Christ-like character traits and independent living skills to become contributing members of society.

School Vision:
The mission of the Seamark School’s Educational Program is to assist each child to develop his/her God-given gifts and Christ-like character through a Bible-centered curriculum so they may become productive citizens and fulfill God’s good purpose and plan for their lives.

The Core Values of the Educational Program at Seamark School are based on the truths contained in the Bible, God’s Word. These core values permeate every aspect of our ministry including methods of administration, educational philosophy, and the way we relate to each other and the community.

Our curriculum utilizes classroom instruction in core academics using a Christ centered framework and then moves to the application of those concepts through hands on, project-based learning. God has blessed Seamark Ranch with 468 acres of unlimited potential. It is through the development of programs utilizing this acreage that our students can begin to see the wonder and glory of God’s plan and creation.

Belief Statement:

  • Every Seamark adult is responsible for helping students discover their God-given gifts and model Christ-like living as a role model.

  • Every student can learn and as such, we will provide learning opportunities to meet individual needs.

  • Every student deserves a safe environment to learn, and the Seamark staff will provide one for them.

  • In order for each child to reach their potential, we must challenge them with high expectations while scaffolding their learning.

  • All individuals are to be treated with respect and fairness.

  • Technology enhances, not replaces, teaching. We will immerse technology into the learning environment at every opportunity.

  • We are called to help our community and will actively engage in projects to support and help others.

2018-2019 enrollment Application for Enrollment

All kids learn - differently. Seamark Teaching Team does a phenomenal job of discovering what kids know and how they best learn. By using this insight, they tailor instruction so that each child is set up for success to learn.

If your child is not in a learning environment that allows their differences to be celebrated, consider a placement at Seamark School. We are a private school with an affordable tuition and also accept McKay scholarships. See the "More Information" tab to learn more about enrolling your child at Seamark School