Our Programs



Seamark Ranch is a community with a healthy family culture at its core. Boys and girls live in a two-parent home setting where they receive the love, nurture, discipline and consistency every child deserves. Each family works, plays and attends church together, just like a “traditional” family.


Counselors work with our houseparents, teachers, and qualified volunteers to address therapeutic needs of the children and help each child develop.


Seamark’s Equestrian Program uses a “hands-on” approach to enhance skills, re-establish trust and motivate positive change. By caring for and riding Seamark’s horses, children learn respect for self and others, empathy, self-control, confidence, accountability, and problem solving.


Seamark is a working farm! Here the children care for animals, work the soil, cultivate crops and participate in outdoor activities in a safe, wholesome environment. In addition to producing fresh food daily for our home menus, the children are learning self-sufficiency, teamwork and responsibility.


The School

Elementary School

Young children learn different from older children. Seamark elementary education helps students acquire knowledge, facts, and information that will give them a foundation for life-long learning. Our curriculum is traditional -reading, vocabulary, sentence structure, math tables, states and capitals, timelines, events, people, the life cycle of a butterfly. Some of our students have missed important pieces of their academic foundation. We are able to help our children overcome deficiencies and begin to experience academic success.

Middle School

Maturing students are developing the capacity for abstract thought. Seamark middle school education leads students beyond facts and information helping them learn to think logically. Technology is integrated in academic subjects. Art and music classes are offered.

High School

All children are evaluated to determine the optimal educational environment. Some students will graduate from Seamark School while others complete their high school experience at off-campus schools. Some subjects are taught through online courses. Seamark education guides each student to prepare themselves for a career.