Residential Childcare Program

More than a Home, a Family

Seamark Ranch has transcended the group home environment and has developed a healthy family culture. Boys’ and Girls’ homes are structured as a two-parent setting where the children receive the love, nurture, discipline and consistency every child deserves. Each family works, plays and attends church together, just like a ‘traditional’ family. Not only do the children feel safe, they also feel they have a family where they “belong”; some for the very first time. In the confines of their family they are developing healthy relationships, responsibility and accountability. Our goal is to nurture the pursuit of excellence in our children in all areas of their lives.

Seamark currently has two fully functioning and fully paid for homes in operation. Our goal over the next several years is to build an endowment to sustain these two homes and build additional homes so that more children can find a loving home and family at Seamark Ranch.


A Message from the Heart

August 14, 2007, 

Children arrive at Seamark Ranch!

Today Seamark Ranch welcomed our first children, a family of three siblings.  Immediately our focus shifted from buildings and roads to stuffed animals, school clothes, setting the table and bedtime prayers.

As I came upstairs to check on one of my precious little ones, I noticed he was lying on top of his bed.  I asked him if he would like to get under the covers and let me tuck him in.  He responded with a puzzled look, saying, “Tuck me in? Does it hurt?”  I smiled and said, “No it’s really nice.  Can I show you?”  He agreed but closed his eyes tight, unsure.  I gently stuffed the covers in around him from his shoulders down to his toes, while repeating “snug as a bug in a rug!”  He squealed with laughter!  Then he rumpled the covers and cried, “Do it again!”

- Kelli Lacouture, Boys' Home Housemom 2007 - 2012