Seamark Counseling


Healing and Transformation

Seamark Ranch has developed a strong network of counselors and community resources that work with our houseparents, teachers and qualified volunteers to address the therapeutic needs of the children. We are meeting children at their point of need with not only emotional assistance, but also seizing these opportunities for further equipping and helping each child develop healthy behaviors and self-esteem. Healthy behaviors and self-esteem are not only addressed in counseling, but in every aspect of life at Seamark Ranch.

Children are learning more than just coping mechanisms for past hurts, but to heal and transform their lives in preparation for a more confident future.

  • After 2 years of love, care and counseling, 11-year-old Tyler was ready for reunification with his father and his family.
  • 14- year-old Katherine, after overcoming a failed adoption and past hurts, was adopted by a loving Seamark family.
  • Corey graduated from high school and is living independently, working two part-time jobs and attending college.
  • Amanda joined the Seamark family at age 12. At 18, she is thriving under the love, care and programs at Seamark Ranch. Seamark Ranch is truly her home and is helping her prepare for her future with confidence.
  • After living at Seamark for seven years, David is the first high school graduate from the Seamark School. He now has a full time job in our community and plans to attend college.