After their friends, Rich and Tracy Dawson (Seamark’s Boys’ Home parents) introduced them to Seamark Ranch, and the unique needs there, Margie and Dwayne felt God’s call to accept the new challenge in a new setting.

Since being at Seamark, Dwayne and Margie freely share that they have had their patience tested, and their gift of mentorship has been stretched to a whole new level. The difference, now, is that they are mentoring in a family setting. As a FAMILY, with many different and often heart-breaking life stories, they are constantly reminded of why God has placed them where they are. But, as a FAMILY, they have been able to instill strong Christian and family values…teaching youth to strive for their best, plus a little more.

And as they love, mentor and teach youth at Seamark, the journey has been fun and exciting, as well as challenging.  And with all else that they learn, the youth learn to love in return…which Margie and Dwayne say is their greatest impact and reward.