Reinhold Foundation Celebrate Clay Awards

For this year’s Reinhold Foundation Celebrate Clay awards, Seamark nominated Allene Zvara as our 2018 Volunteer of the year. This award goes to the individual who goes above and beyond the call of duty in service within Clay County.

When asked to describe Allene Zvara, a few words that come to mind are loving, patient, committed, nurturing, giving, energetic, and an ever-present and constant role model for the children that call Seamark “home.” Allene has been an integral part of Seamark from the very start, with her service beginning in 2001 as a founding board member. Allene continues to serve as a board member, working tirelessly to ensure that children in crisis have a safe haven at the ranch. She is also a valued member of Seamark’s Family Care Committee.

In 2018 alone, Allene spent over 1,100 hours volunteering as Director of Seamark’s Equestrian Program, serving both our residential and community children 5 days a week without fail. Allene’s dedication to the ranch extends far beyond the boundaries of the horse barn, however. She has been known to attend the children’s sporting events and church events. She prays with and for our children and serves as a mentor if any of the children have a need. Allene has even taken a few of our children on mission trips with her to Liberia and Peru, which are unforgettable experiences!

Seamark Ranch would not be the same without Allene’s presence, and we are forever grateful for her many years of dedication to this ministry.