Dear, House Moms...

Mother's Day is a time to signify the women in your life that have raised you to become the person you are. Regardless of how they came into your life, they stepped up when they needed to and gave you the love and guidance that only a mother figure knows how to do. 

We had a few of our children at each the Boy's and Girl's Home to share a few words in regards to what they love and appreciate about their House Mom.

Nancy and Sandy, this is for you! 

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To Nancy, from the Girls:
”You are a wonderful mom figure - You make me feel welcome to Seamark and help me feel like I’m worth being here. You are one of those people to help in need when no one else would. You tell me to “stay strong” for what God has planned for me…

I’m glad that I get to have you as a houseparent - I wish you the best Mother’s Day Ever. I love you!!” - D

"I want to thank you so much for being an amazing mom. Whenever I need you, you are these. It doesn’t matter what I do, you always forgive me. I love you, Mrs. Nancy, and I always will. You have made such a tremendous impact on my life. You have showed me how to be a Godly woman, and someday wife, and mother. “ - N

“I want to say thank you for being my mom at Seamark. You have helped me solve very difficult problems. You have listened to me wen I have something to say. You have wiped my tears when I cry and held me when I need comfort. You have helped me in more ways than I can count and I want to thank you for loving me and caring about me. Seamark has helped and changed my life a lot but I think that it is the people I have met along the way that have affected me the most. I love you!” - A

To Sandy, from the Boys:
”Mrs. Sandy is very kind. She has helped changed my life by helping me find the Lord.” - A

“Mrs. Sandy is warm-hearted. I am thankful for her because when I’m down she brings me back up. She’s also helped me with running by pushing me to run when I wanted to just make excuses and not run.” - C

“I am thankful for Mrs. Sandy because she helped me begin keeping my room cleaner.” - S

“Mrs. Sandy cares for me. Whenever I’m down she helps me feel better. She also knows what I need and helps me get it.” - C

“Mrs. Sandy helps me when I’m struggling and she knows when I’m sad or mad. She also helps me learn more about God.” - S

“Mrs. Sandy is an important role model to me. She helps me talk through things. She also takes me to all of my appointments” - A

“Mrs Sandy has fun with the boys’ house.” - J