Dear HouseMom, From Sara & Terry

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Mother's Day is a time to signify the women in your life that have raised you to become the person you are. Regardless of how they came into your life, they stepped up when they needed to and gave you the love and guidance that only a mother figure knows how to do. 

We had a few of our children at each the Boy's and Girl's Home to share a few words in regards to what they love and appreciate about their HouseMom.

Nancy and Tracy, this is for you! 

From Sara, To Nancy
My HouseMom is sweet, silly, kind, strong, patient and loves God. If I need something done, Mrs. Nancy makes sure it gets done. She always makes sure I have what I need and I know she will always have my back. One of our silliest memories was when we went prom dress shopping. We went into a store and we were looking for the formal department. We couldn’t find anyone to ask and she was fed up and said, “I’m just gonna ask this person." She walked up to a mannequin and started asking it where the formal department was. Maribel and I were so embarrassed, we ran off laughing our heads off. Another great memory I have with my HouseMom is when we were on our family vacation. Mrs. Nancy loves to play games so we were playing a game where we had to act out a character. No one knew who she was trying to be because she was doing the wrong character! We laugh about this all the time. 

Thank you, Mrs. Nancy, for always being patient with me. You love me unconditionally and you show me what a Godly mother is.  I remember my first, very emotional day at Seamark. I was like, “who is this crazy lady, who doesn’t even know me giving me a hug?!"
You will always have a special place in my heart.


From Terry, To Tracy
The best part about my HouseMom is that she cares about us a lot. My favorite memory was our first trip to the beach. I remember her helping us to find seashells.

I just wanted to thank you for being there when my mom couldn't and for loving all of us equally.