Dear HouseMom, From Maribel & Charles

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We are sharing the love and appreciation to our mothers for the whole month of May! We had Sarah and Terry tell us what they love about their HouseMoms last week. This week, Maribel and Charles will share with us what they love and appreciate about these tireless women! 

Nancy and Tracy, this is for you! 

From Maribel, To Nancy
My favorite quality about my HouseMom is that she gives it to me straight. She often tells us that the world is a tough place to live in and she just wants to prepare me for it. It’s crazy how she can be tough on me and show me love at the same time.

A time I will never forget was when we went to McDonald's for Easter. Mr. Lamar had just gotten out of the hospital and we didn’t cook a meal. So we all got dressed in our Easter dresses went and had a prayer on Prayer Hill at the Ranch and then went to McDonald's.  It was actually very special.

My most embarrassing moment (and quite hilarious moment) is the same as Sara’s. Seeing Mrs. Nancy talk to the mannequins (even the headless ones) was a moment I will never forget. We always have a good time with her when we are out.

I want to thank Mrs. Nancy for helping me in so many ways on this tough journey. She always has a smile on her face from the first day I came to Seamark Ranch, not knowing who I was or what I had to offer.


From Charles, To Tracy
My favorite quality of my HouseMom is that she's nice and she always gives us a kiss goodnight. My favorite memory was a time she took us to the beach at night after we had dinner. I'd like to thank her for helping me with school work during class. 

Thank you, HouseMoms, for all you do! Being a mother is not easy, and sometimes it doesn't always feel like you're appreciated, but we promise. We notice all the hard work you do and we wouldn't change you for the world!